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Dan's passion for health, fitness and sport began as a child and as no surprise this passion shaped into a full time career as an adult. Dan is currently the Group Training & Development Manager at TRX in San Francisco. In July of 2012, he was awarded the Group Fitness Instructor of the Year from IDEA Health and Fitness Association www.ideafit.com. In 2008, he was recognized as one of Canada's top 10 Personal Trainers www.canfitpro.com His areas of expertise are Athletic Development for all ages and Outdoor/Indoor Cycling. He graduated from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada with Recreation Management and holds certifications with CanFit Pro. Dan is also the founder of Rooster Racing International, a group for determined Fitness Professional & Cyclists raising awareness and funds for the Livestrong Foundation.

Dan McDonogh - Educator


Dan is an Ambassador for health, fitness and well-being. He works extensively in developing, implementing and facilitating child, youth, adult and corporate wellness programs.

Dan offers an array of informative and entertaining workshops and lectures for fitness professionals and educators alike.


“Life is too short and too wonderful

to waste time doing things you

don’t really want to do”
— Anne Sexton

Dan McDonogh - Advisor


Contact Dan to assist you in facility and studio design as well as Group Exercise solutions to maximize community and revenue within your club.


“The first step in the journey

is to loose your way”
— Galway Kinnel

Dan McDonogh - Instructor


Dan can deliver several different Group Fitness programs to meet your facilities needs. These include: RPM, Indoor Cycling, Athletic Conditioning and Mind-Body programs.


“A negative attitude is the
only true disability in life”
— Unknown

Dan McDonogh - Trainer


Dan specializes in Athletic, Sport and Play development for youth and adults. Dan is available for both individual and small group training sessions.


“Dreams are renewable. No matter what your age or condition, there

are still untapped possibilities within you
and new beauty waiting to be born.”
— Dale E. Turner

Dan McDonogh - Athlete


Dan believes in the timeless statements, “Lead by example” and “Practice what your preach” Currently Dan is a Fitness Ambassador for Muscle Milk and Nuun Hydration and as a previous Nike and Trek sponsored Athlete, Dan makes his own health and fitness a top priority to help inspire others to be their best. Dan’s favorite passion is Cycling and he is an advocate for the Livestrong Foundation and participates in the several Enurance events including the Livestrong Challenges yearly across the globe.


“Reach for your dreams and they
will reach for you”
— Hana Rose Zadra

Contact Dan:
Phone: (415) 577-0186
Email: dan@danmcdonogh.com

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